Utah lake engagement session| TOLU & ZAKIYA



Every image of this charmed engagement session is full of laughter and love. The Utah lake state park has become one of my favorite photo locations in Provo Utah! I also knew going in that their outfit choices would be perfect and indeed they were!

Their Story! It all started on April 8th 2016, during their last semester of college at the University of Arizona. On this beautiful day on campus, Tolu finally summoned the “courage” to walk up and talk to Zakiya, after a few silent encounters across campus. Thanks to the reassuring words of his best friend who kept on telling him through text “it was going to be ok”, he was able to walk up to Zakiya and said “Hi”. Unknowingly to him, that word was going to change the rest of his life for the better. Zakiya usually isn’t one to entertain strangers, but luckily, they both had acquaintances, so the wall of unfamiliarity was broken. A few words later, smiles and numbers were exchanged. Tolu didn’t think it was going to go anywhere, because he thought his nerves and thick Nigerian accent got the best of him. But by God’s grace, a text back led to a lovely first date at the Wild Garlic restaurant, where he tried to impress the love of his life, with fine wine and filet mignon (which he still does). As the summer approached and passed, they spent a lot of time together, fell in love with each other and haven’t looked back ever since!