Salt lake city backyard wedding|Sharlene & Britt



Sharlene and Brittain had a beautiful small backyard wedding in Salt lake city with their immediate family and friends! According to Sharlene, it was a far cry from the original 150 guest they wanted but you know, COVID somehow got in the way of having a large celebration however I truly do believe that there is something magical about having a micro wedding!

Their story: “Britt caught my heart with the worst pick up line I had ever heard. “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I’m doing pretty good, How about you?” I remember staring at my phone, the dating app looking back up at me, and wondering what kind of guy uses such a cheesy line on someone he has never met. Better yet, what kind of idiot falls for it? Me. I’m the idiot. Not long after that incredibly cheesy first conversation we met in Downtown Provo for Salvadoran food. We clicked over Pokemon and immigration laws and I knew that we had something weird. Really really weird, but special. On date two, we realized that we had met before! We served in the Missionary Training Center at the same time, only one classroom apart. I realized that the only reason I didn’t recognize him was because he had stopped wearing glasses after the MTC. He really pulled a Clark Kent on me there. Each date after was better than the next. We held hands, had our first kiss, became official. Before we knew it, Fall came I told him I loved him in a grove of red autumn leaves. I cried when he said it back. When spring came, he drove me to the Bonneville Salt Flats for a picnic. I suspected his plan, so I came armed with a pink dress and curled hair, picture ready. He had laid out a bunch of black rocks to spell the words “Marry Me?” in the salt. No amount of preparation could’ve kept me from happy crying all over the poor guy. Every relationship has its quirks. I am so grateful that ours is full of late night movies, South American food, cartoons, and nose kisses. Perfection is not a word I use often, but Brittain Corbett is the love of my life. He is perfect for me. And I hope we just get stranger as our love grows old with us”.